Using brand photography to grow your business

People make most of their purchase decisions based on two things: first impressions and emotional reactions. Your website and branding photography greatly influences how consumers think about you and your business or product. By using brand photography to grow your business, you can adhere to the natural tendency people have to respond to what they see and feel.

business photography for nelson brewing company featuring the city of nelson
Investing in high-quality, authentic commercial photography is required if you want customers to understand and connect with your brand. Personalizing your brand makes it so much more than a logo or labelling–a brand is who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you rather than someone else.

Business and brand photography have a huge impact on your commercial success. Invest in your photography like you would any other business asset, and you’ll get a wide variety of engaging photographs to use over time on your website and social media platforms, as well as advertising media.

The following are helpful ways to understand how and why commercial photography is a necessary tool to grow your business.

brand photography for nelson brewing company featuring all the products in their tasting room

People do business with PEOPLE, not businesses. 

Good photographs will tell the story of your business, your brand and what makes you different from others. When you personalize the photographs that show your business, you create trust. But brand photography is not just a good headshot! People want to know you’re a real person, and they want to know who they’re supporting and what their values are. Images that show your environment, your work process, your personality–all of these create trust and build a bond with the consumer.

brand photography for nelson brewing company featuring their hoodie

Photos go beyond your website. 

Depending on where you want to find your clients, you’ll need photographs for all of the following: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters–everywhere you do business. Image-based posts more than double the visibility and engagement from viewers, which leads to more exposure for you. Press releases, print promotions, community notices–they all need photos.

Keep your profile photos fresh. 

Changing up your profile photo reminds people you’re still connected, and keeps you on their minds. Use an image in your email signature so they associate your email, among their slew of emails, with your image. People tend to remember faces and photos over words.

business photography for nelson brewing company featuring the beer flights in their taproom

Save money and time. 

Speaking engagements, media interviews, sales promotions–everything is more memorable with a photo. When you invest in your personalized business photography, you will have a wide selection of images on your computer to respond to inquiries immediately. You won’t have to run out for a new headshot, much less the money and time to prepare for an updated photography session. This can add up to thousands of dollars, and many hours of time to book additional photography sessions.

brand photography for nelson brewing company featuring their pints and growlers

Brand photography to grow your business

Using brand photography to grow your business works! Thorough, thoughtful business photography anticipates all the things you’ll need commercial photography for. It’s a powerful tool with a tangible impact on your bottom line. Photos that show your clients who you are bring people to your sites and platforms, and continually reminds them you’re the person behind your brand.

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