Broken Hill Nelson BC Photography

broken hill nelson bar Broken Hill Nelson BC, a BBQ and bourbon restaurant on Baker St, is known for its palate-pleasing, rib-busting eats and brain-buzzing bourbon cocktails. Owner Chad Hansen wanted weekly photography to showcase their weekend food and drink specials for their instagram, and they wanted those photos to reflect Broken Hill’s high quality and warm energy. They had tried having staff take a photo here and there but recognized that unless a business designates a professional to take on the regular task, photos–and thus the brand–will never quite show what a client will experience.

broken hill nelson bc smoked old fashioned cocktail broken hill nelson burger month They knew most of their clientele found Broken Hill Nelson on Instagram. Broken Hill also recognized how critical it is to keep an updated, mouth-watering presence online to make sure you reach your audience. And ongoing promotions needed to be current to draw people into the restaurant to take advantage of the latest burger or cocktail special.broken hill nelson cocktail and merch broken hill nelson beer cheers broken hill nelson barrel-aged cocktail broken hill nelson pretzel broken hill nelson octoberfest celebration Every Tuesday, I head into Broken Hill Nelson to meet with general manager Kaitlyn to go over the set list, and with chef Jordan and bartender Alex. We do a straightforward product photo, and then incorporate people into the image. The reason we add people is because we’re humans. We’re programmed to seek a human connection. So while a killer cocktail image can grab our attention, we actually REMEMBER the photos where we’ve seen a person enjoying the thing we’re looking for. And we unconsciously seek to have that feeling as well. broken hill nelson chef cuts brisket broken hill nelson chef eats hot mess pulled pork sandwich broken hill nelson mango cucumber drink Beer cheers, classy cocktail pours, dramatic food close ups, fun photos for an event like Octoberfest or Halloween… all designed for the viewer to have a visceral reaction, hopefully driving them into Broken Hill Nelson BC to satisfy the craving each photo invokes.

If you’re looking to have a more professional and current presence online, contact me here. I offer weekly, long term project photography, as well as copy editing and content creation. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!broken hill nelson halloween celebrations broken hill nelson meat on chopping block

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