Business Photography: Nelson Community Food Centre

NCFC2019-5I’ve had the pleasure of creating the business photography for¬†Nelson Community Food Centre¬†website and promotional tools over the past two years. Our task was documenting the various programs that help affect food security in Nelson BC. The NCFC runs the food bank, hosts community dinners, provides food skills classes, gathers unwanted fruit from backyards, and plants a garden for their patrons.

Their “brand” is empowering community. Their guiding principles include advocacy, partnership, respect, reliability and diversity. Their images needed to reflect these values, and particularly show how the NCFC provides opportunities that support people in the community.

Documentary commercial photography works particularly well in this setting. By simply being part of the programs underway, documenting the people who run them, we get to see how authentic the volunteers and staff are. The staff are comfortable in their setting and there’s no need to pose them or have them stop what they’re doing. Instead, I photograph in-the-moment as they’re hosting the programs. The resulting images are natural, candid and genuine reflections of the values they hold.

In this scenario, confidentiality and respect are really important. To make sure the program participants were ok with the photography, we informed everyone who came through the door and let them decide whether they wanted to consent to be photographed. There was no pressure to be photographed and oftentimes, people were enthusiastic once they realized they didn’t have to stop and pose.

Brand-specific business photography for the Nelson Community Food Centre is a great example of all the elements that go into making great photographs for your business. Authenticity is my first priority, followed by ease and simplicity for the people in the photos, and respect for everyone involved. It’s my job to capture the essence of your business; all you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing!

If this genuine approach to business photography speaks to you, contact me here.

Author: bobbib

Bobbi Barbarich is a professional photographer who calls Nelson, British Columbia home--though she's comfortable pretty much anywhere. Whether she's preserving memories of the most important day in your life, or capturing an important moment for life, Bobbi's work is candid, unconventional and real. Bobbi has trained extensively with award-winning photographers Patrice Halley and Buffy Goodman, and she's won a few awards herself.

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