Commercial Photography: Kootenay Health Services

Opening photo of Kootenay Health services websiteI’ve created the commercial photography for Kootenay Health Services over the past few years. 2019 was a particularly exciting time–they moved to a brand new location at the corner of Kootenay and Victoria Streets. It’s an old church with incredible light so naturally, I was excited for the images we could create. We wanted to make photos of their building, their new exercise programs and a bunch of incredible Keiser fitness equipment, and the physiotherapy services they’re so well respected for.

Kootenay Health Services‘ brand is high quality, evidence-based therapy at the forefront of injury prevention and treatment. KHS wants to give their clients a sense of trust and encouragement. The environment is warm, bright, supportive and empathetic. The staff are light hearted and approachable. Thus, their photos had to be, too!

I spent several hours throughout the course of the year creating the commercial photography for Kootenay Health Services. Because they chose a business photography package that was ongoing throughout the year, we had ample opportunity to make new headshots whenever they added new employees to their roster, added equipment to their gym, experimented with group classes, and provided treatments to clients who were willing to share their story.

Kinesiologist Robyn Clark and physiotherapist¬†Craig Sully¬†have created an exceptionally thorough, all-in-one health service centre for their clients. But more importantly, they’re a hub within the sport community and they are fully invested in providing the Kootenays with trusted yet innovative programs.

If their photographs give you a sense of who they are and what they value, please contact me. I look forward to providing you business photography to help your clients trust you!
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Author: bobbib

Bobbi Barbarich is a professional photographer who calls Nelson, British Columbia home--though she's comfortable pretty much anywhere. Whether she's preserving memories of the most important day in your life, or capturing an important moment for life, Bobbi's work is candid, unconventional and real. Bobbi has trained extensively with award-winning photographers Patrice Halley and Buffy Goodman, and she's won a few awards herself.

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