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I create...

  • Photography & copy that is compelling and current
  • Ongoing content for social media platforms
  • Approachable, honest and engaging branding.

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About Bobbi Barbarich: Photographer, Writer, Content Creator

I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade and writing for as long as I can remember.

I cut my first chops photographing my dogs wearing my clothes on the farm where I grew up in Northern Alberta. After post-secondary school in Edmonton where I honed my photography skills at music gigs, I realized I could choose where I wanted to live… and I chose Nelson BC. I’d been here a few times as a freelance photographer and writer for adventure magazines. When I grew the confidence to chase my photography dreams, I moved to the Kootenays.

My editorial writing and photography backgrounds inform my “candid” style of photography. Some call it “lifestyle,” others call it “documentary,” but whatever way you say it, I’ve won multiple international awards for my images that connect the viewer to the moment through dynamic composition and movement.

While I no longer dress my dogs in clothes, I do continue to take pictures of them.

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A client's perspective...

"When Bobbi came to the clinic, there was something about her energy and the way she explained everything that really made the staff, clients and patients not only willing to participate, but also very comfortable with the entire process—something I didn’t think was possible... She is so upbeat and engaging that she managed to get photos of every single one of our staff members without staging them like puppets! They were all in their natural elements. When I saw the photo album at the end I was in absolute awe, Bobbi is so talented-- every object, animal and person she captured was so natural and truly beautiful."

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