Hiking with Dogs – Monica Meadows

Two dogs in the snow at Monica MeadowsHorseshoe Glacier from Monica MeadowsDogs just make the best places better, don’t they? Hiking with dogs is one of my favourite things to do. My friend, Nicole Courson of Paw and Order, feels the same way. Nicole is one of my best friends and we each got a magical mutt from the same litter 7 years ago. Her fella’s name is Baxter, and mine is Harlan. Their mom was a Bouvier, dad was a Mastiff-Poodle. Baxter took after dad, Harlan after his mom and people are often surprised to hear they’re brothers. But if you hear their barks or throw any snowball, you can tell they are definitely related!

Since then, we’ve each adopted another dog. Hers is a corgi named Lani, mine is a collie mix named Linda. They’re each have their unique personality traits–Linda tends to be a little spicy, Lani a little misunderstood–but they’ve fit into the family beautifully. Baxter protects Lani and she likes to herd him. Linda does the greeting for her socially awkward brother and Harlan entertains Linda’s throw downs.

Hiking with dogs in the Kootenays is a special treat. I moved here from Alberta to do just that, but getting a dog makes it even more special. They make me laugh, keep me company and I even find myself smiling at them on the hardest days. Harlan consoled me through two surgeries and never fails to warm my heart. And Linda? I admire her unabashed dog-ly-ness. I have a lot to learn from her. But I do know that dogs literally make life better.

These images are from Monica Meadows, near Jumbo Glacier¬†up Glacier Creek FSR. It’s a quick 8km round trip with immediate rewards. The drive to get there is a bit of a deterrent, so there is rarely more than a couple people up there. We made the trip in early October, hoping the larch were blazing. We ended up with snow on a sparkling blue day. Perfection.

Hiking with Dogs in the Kootenays

I’ve been hiking with dogs all over the Kootenays! If you’re interested in finding out the best places, follow my personal instagram feed. I do a series called #wheretowednesdays in the summer, detailing where we go and what the hike is like for our four legged friends.

Hiking with dogs in Monica MeadowsDog in front of Mount Amon RaDog in larches of Monica MeadowsHiking with dogs through orange larch at Monica MeadowsDogs playing in front of Mount Amon Ra near Monica MeadowsHiking with dogs in the West Kootenaydog with snow on faceHiking with dogs through snowy Monica MeadowsDog in front of snowy Horseshoe GlacierDogs playing in snow of Monica MeadowsDog biting larch treeDog playing in Monica Meadows in front of Mount Amon RaDog digging in snowCorgi kissing ownerDog eating squirrelHiking with dogs through snowy Monica Meadows before Mount Amon RaSnowy Jumbo Glacier valley

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