Commercial photography that is authentic to your brand helps you reach more clients.

Your website is more important than ever. Engaging, personable commercial photography has the power to make you stand out in the crowd.

Tag and share but do not crop or alter. Thank you! Photos by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich | Three Owls Studio

Why do you need commercial photography tailored to your business?

  • People connect with photos that are authentic to people behind the brand.
  • Potential clients immediately see that your business is different from the others.
  • Clients choose a business when they feel a personal connection to the people who work there and understand what they do.
  • High quality photography attracts people to your website and social media.

Opening photo of Kootenay Health services website

Here’s my process as your commercial photographer:

  • I photograph the natural progression of your day.
  • There is virtually no posing or setting up shots.
  • Your employees and your products are photographed in the moment, as they are being made or enjoyed.
  • Everyone feels more comfortable.
  • The images are brand-specific and genuine.

Portrait of artist for their commercial photography portfolio


Teen hikers walk along a mountain ridge near Mount Carlyle during a Girl in the Wild camp

Nelson BC EVENT & BUSINESS Photography

Using a documentary, candid approach:

  • I create commercial photography that is unobtrusive and current,
  • I provide ongoing content for social media platforms,
  • I maintain up-to-date photos that keep up with changes in your business, and
  • I arrange an approachable, honest and engaging representation of what your clients can expect from you.

Tag and share but do not crop or alter. Thank you! Photos by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich | Three Owls Studio

Your commercial photography is so much more than posed headshots.

What you do everyday, and the things you’re passionate about, are what make you stand out to searching clients. Let’s show them who you are with authentic, honest and engaging commercial photography.

To learn more using documentary commercial photography to grow your business, fill out your details below. I’ll be in contact within 24 hours.

My valued clients include:

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