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Website and Social Media Content Services and Pricing

1. Business & Branding Photography

Your website needs so much more than posed headshots. Commercial photography of what you do everyday and the things you’re passionate about make you stand out to searching clients.



Your Process

Show, don't tell. People want to see how you do business. Process photos give them an authentic inside look at your everyday, and gets your soon-to-be clients interested in how you work!

Your Portrait

People want to see who they're supporting. You want to look good doing it. We'll make original images that reflect who you are and your values... not just what you look like!

Your Product

People want to know what they're getting. Your product photos show the quality and the originality of your items. Let's showcase your products with clear, enticing brand photography!

Photography Hourly Rate

Perfect for when you know exactly what you need for that advertising campaign or you want to refresh your website or feed.

First hour $500, then $300

Photography Bundles

Ongoing advertising or social media campaigns, building a new website, changing your brand, or you’ve got a project you want documented. 

Start at $2200 for 8 hours

2. Business & Branding Copy

Words, words, WORDS! 

Where your photos draw them in, words explain in more detail. Don’t know what to say? We’ll sit down together, you’ll tell me your story, I’ll ask a million questions… and write it for you. 

portrait of bobbi barbarich

Substitute copy hours for photography hours at 2:1

Copy & Photo Bundles

Website and social media copy are only available bundled with photography. 

Using fluid story telling with images and words, we balance photography and copy hours within the bundle, based on what you need.

3. Social Media Management

Social media asks for it all! 

Photos. Copy. Time spent with your followers … 

It’s A LOT. I offer complete social media management, so you can have your time back! Choose from three levels of service.

Starting at $800 per month

Branding photography props for nelson bc small businesses

A client's perspective...

"We feel like the luckiest people to have met Bobbi Our latest project has been extremely rewarding and we are thrilled to have Bobbi document the experience - building a net-zero house and our company's brand, with consistent, technically savvy and original photography... when someone can camouflage themselves while you work, you forget they are there and you can just be natural in your work flow."

You need content, I can help!

Business & branding photography, website & social media content… Let’s talk about what you need to get your business to the next level!