How to Use Website Photography to Stand Out

Branding photography by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi BarbarichAs a business owner, you know customers need to find you on the internet in order to succeed. You need an effective website and a strong social media presence, as well as an offer that people will get excited about. But how do you share all that with potential clients? The answer: GOOD. QUALITY. WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY. Your website is their first impression of you. Scrolling through your website, your images are the first thing they’ll see—and they have to make a powerful impression. Images play a huge role in how visitors see your website, and thus your brand. There are three key consideration for good quality branding photography:

Photos are unique to you

Branding photography by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich

Platforms have a variety of images

Branding photography by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich

Photos show your brand values

Branding photography by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich

First tip in building a good brand: stay away from stock photos. If you can easily find a stock image, so can other brands and businesses—and you definitely don’t want to use the same photos that everyone else is using. Stock photos give the impression that you’re just like everyone else when you actually have something incredibly unique to offer.

Hiring a professional branding photographer to document your business not only gives you a library of one-of-a-kind images to choose from—it makes sure that your photos are genuine and truly reflect your brand, so people will remember you.

Brainstorm with your photographer to find a wide variety of spaces, products and props to make sure you get tons of images that showcase every facet of your business–you need lots of content for your website and your social media posts.

When choosing what to include beyond your products and workspace, think about the tools you use on a day-to-day basis. Even if it’s just your cell phone and computer, showing the tools of your trade is a great way to demonstrate what you do for your customers.

Show them your face! People want to know who they’re buying from. Invest in a photography packages that includes product and portraits. Even if it’s just one–people want to connect with people.

Branding photography by Nelson BC Photographer Bobbi Barbarich

Your photographer will ideally sit down with you for a branding session, where you talk about how you want your product and you to be represented. Doing so ensures that your brand, message and product are clearly and confidently represented.

Show your products or service in action. People like to see how they might look or feel when they become your customer or client.

Even if you don’t have a tangible product, you can still use your branding photography to show potential clients exactly what you do. Talk to former clients about participating in your photoshoot. If you can show you or one of your team members working with a customer, those images will be perfect for promoting your business.

Keep your photos current

Once your website photography is complete, step one is done!

Social media is where most people first contact their potential client. Yet social media demands regular content and interaction. Consider hiring a professional photographer for regular shoots. This gives you current, ongoing content for the frequency required on social media, and continues to give your clients your best impression.

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Author: bobbib

Bobbi Barbarich is a professional photographer who calls Nelson, British Columbia home--though she's comfortable pretty much anywhere. Whether she's preserving memories of the most important day in your life, or capturing an important moment for life, Bobbi's work is candid, unconventional and real. Bobbi has trained extensively with award-winning photographers Patrice Halley and Buffy Goodman, and she's won a few awards herself.

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