New Website or Website Upgrade Packages

If you’re a small business in British Columbia, and you need an e-commerce site, I have new website or website upgrade packages to help you get a grant!

The BC government just announced a grant for businesses to move their stores online or improve their existing website. Launch Online was created to build e-commerce success for BC businesses. The grant pays 75% of your investment (up to $7500). That’s a hefty sum, and hopefully a great incentive for you to finally take your business online!

The grant covers service provider and digital customer costs (for up to 1 year).

Service provider costs:

  • Photography and graphics
  • Platform and website development
  • Copy and online content writing
  • Developing an online inventory of goods and products

Digital customer costs:

  • E-commerce platform subscription
  • Online advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Creating banners and other embedded advertising
  • Staff training to manage the online shop, learn about digital marketing, etc.

There a few stipulations, though. You have to have a GST number (meaning at least $30k in sales last year) and your current website (if you have one) can’t already be functioning at a certain capacity (check this out for more detail). And the really great thing about this grant in particular is that they’ll pay for training so you can learn how to run your online shop!

Read the whole program guide here. 

product photography is part of new website or website upgrade packages product photography is part of new website or website upgrade packages product photography is part of new website or website upgrade packages New Website or Website Upgrade Packages

What does all this grant mean and why am I sharing it with you?

Well, I’m a commercial photographer AND I write website content AND I develop websites … so I have a special New Website or Website Upgrade package just for you, to help you get this grant!

My Launch Online Website Package includes:

  1. Website copy: words that bring people AND the search engine robots to your site
  2. Website photography: product photography and website content
  3. Search engine optimization assistance: everything you need to know about tags, key words, alt text, headlines and how to get Google to find you
  4. Website development: how to build a website that looks good and is easy to use

The grant is open until all the funds are gone, but I imagine this won’t last too long. You’ll get your funds as soon as you’re approved, and you have to have the website up within 12 weeks.

Ready to finally build your online business? Contact me now! I can’t wait to help you!

Author: bobbib

Bobbi Barbarich is a professional photographer who calls Nelson, British Columbia home--though she's comfortable pretty much anywhere. Whether she's preserving memories of the most important day in your life, or capturing an important moment for life, Bobbi's work is candid, unconventional and real. Bobbi has trained extensively with award-winning photographers Patrice Halley and Buffy Goodman, and she's won a few awards herself.

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